We Are Islanders is an artistic luxury fashion label based in Dublin, Ireland that values authenticity and creativity in an ecological context. It aims to challenge the way of making clothes how it is predefined by the industry. The transseasonal collections focus rather on process than plan – coming and going with the tides and ideas of open minds.

The islanders Rosie O’Reilly, designer, Kate Nolan, producer and Deidre Hynds, communicator, celebrate the art of craft and heritage, yet permanently seek new skills and materials like bamboo, silk & salmon leather to bring a contemporary twist on traditional Irish Wools, Tweeds and Linens. All their garments are locally produced, some of them getting a colour makeover by hand-dying, -printing or -painting with only non-toxic inks. The technique of laser cutting gives them opportunity to produce accessories made of remnants.

we are islanders tidal III


We Are Islanders are not only good story-tellers, but seem to truly embrace nature when incorporating it actively into the inspiration and crafting progress, f.e. to make beautiful limited art pieces that have been dyed by the rising tide of Dublin Bay, along the Irish coastline during Dublin Art Installation. The design aesthetic appears increasingly contemporary as a mix of minimalistic cuts and handcrafted as well as sportive deluxe elements across the four launched collections named ‘Tidals’.

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IMAGE SOURCE AND PRESS RELEASE: We Are Islanders / weareislanders.com