IVE – Sustainable leather bags as bagpacks

IVE – Sustainable leather bags as bagpacks

Isabelle Regier is one of the M.A. graduates from Esmod Berlin’s ‚Sustainability in Fashion‘ programme, who had the chance to present their projects at the Ethical Fashion Show in January 2016 – where her work attracted my attention immediately.
She basically challenges the deficiency of the leather industry, that fails to introduce a sustainable as well as aesthetical and practical solution for bags. The concept of IVE involves the use of olive tanned leather from Germany to create handbags for women „on the principles of timeless design, usability and the support of local craftmanship“. The young ambitious woman, who also holds a Bachelor degree in ‚Design & Product Management‘, commits herself to a responsible transparent production, that avoids pre- and post-consumer waste and that meets the Cradle to Cradle restrictions.

isabelle regier_IVE_ethical fashion show


What is striking about her design product is the combination of smart multi-functionality, modern minimalism, high quality and the implementation of a sustainable production along the whole supply chain and beyond. Talking to Regier, she has nothing to hide, explains us where she sourced her materials and shows us how her chic leather tote bag can be easily transformed into a bagpack only with a sleight of hand. It seems to be so simple, but of course needs a lot of research, careful thinking and experimentation. I love it and hope it will be introduced to the market sooner or later.

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PHOTOS: Peter Wolff