Meeting Patricia Field x MADE in Berlin

Meeting Patricia Field x MADE in Berlin

made_patricia field_art fashion_berlinShe is a legendary costume designer, stylist & fashion designer from New York, famous for dressing the fashion icons Sarah Jessica Parker & Co of the series ‚Sex and the City‘. Patricia Field started out with her own boutique in Manhattan, that attracted scenesters and popstars for 50 years until closure in 2016. She curates a selection of urban edgy-bizarre clothing artists in her online ‚ARTFASHION Gallery‘ stating: „As the fashion landscape has become increasingly homogenized in recent years, a resurgence in creative self expression has simultaneously taken hold. Having grown weary and uninspired by the era of ‚fast-fashion‘ and mass production, style connoisseurs are bucking the trend by seeking out one-of-a-kind, artistically-driven designs.“

Supporting an emerging ‚wearable art movement‘, she was invited by MADE to present selected one-of-a-kind fashion designs by Scooter Laforge, Ben Copperwheat, Jody Morlock, Iris Bonner, Kyle Brincefield, Ssik Designs & Hushi Mortezaie during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, 17th-20th January 2017.




During the Berlin Fashion Week Patricia Field was in town. The inspiring, old, trendsetting lady was invited and brought to Berlin by MADE, which is a platform that brings together emerging designers and talents in art, music and fashion. They started off in NYC in the 90’s and ‚Hoodbyair‘ as well as Jeremy Scott got to recognition with their support.
I was delighted to meet ‚real‘ people in the arty pop-up store hosted by Ms Field. It saved the image of the people working in the fashion world again. I’m so happy that the most influential designers and artists I’ve met, are the ones most down-to-earth.

Patricia Field was in Torstraße 114 in Berlin-Mitte – and me too.
When I arrived, she had an interview with the I-D magazine, so I could get to know her and her perspectives a bit better. Here are some of her essential Do’s and Dont’s:

1. Do what comes easily from you, do what you like and what you’re good at!
2. Don’t depend on ‚bigger‘ people’s energy, stay independent, stay true to yourself!

Patricia Field interview for I-D magazine , edited by Heiner Radau, wall art by Scooter Laforge
Patricia Field interview for I-D magazine , edited by Heiner Radau, wall art by Scooter Laforge

I also had a talk with Scooter LaForge, one of her main artists. He is famous for his colourfully painted T-Shirts. And I was so surprised about his prices! 120$ for a unique T-Shirt – hand-painted by him. When he saw my jaw dropping, he told me the following – and this goes so against what I had learnt in marketing and business classes:

– You have to stay accessible.
– Produce more, sell more, don’t count your hours, just the material costs.
– If somebody loves your work, work on the price for them.
– For the business-side of art, you want to let go of your attachment to your work.
– As an artist, you will want to grow. So expand! Give yourself to the world.

My business professor would have killed him when he said, he started out selling hand-painted T-Shirts for 20$ in the streets. This ruins the market and destroys your image. Well, nowadays Scooter’s clients include Madonna and some other stars – there is a serious issue:

*How to make your art-business profitable*
Is it A) making rare stuff at high prices, exclusive and undiscovered?
or B) just do it, don’t count your working hours and give yourself away?

After many years of hiding my precious little unique pieces and drawings, should I finally go forward? Should I give my work away underpriced and as long as I love it, instead of hiding and holding on to it?

Heiner Radau


Pictures by Heiner Radau and MADE (Instagram)

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