#RealMatterz is a profiling portrait series, which started during the Berlin Fashion Week in January 2017. The intention is to shine a bright light on those, who are driving sustainability forward and generate curiosity for the topic itself. By profiling and interviewing the portrayed the photographer, Cherie Birkner, is making the thought of working in a sustainable manner more appealing, accessible and showing that IT IS POSSIBLE.
I take the photos, when I meet the person, in most cases they are not prepared for a photo shooting. I see it as a symbol for the realness of the expressions on their faces”. In the beginning there was no further plan, than to take photos of people, who fit the profile. “Actually in the beginning I was only planing on photographing designers – but there is so much amazing work being done by NGO’s, bloggers, event managers, teachers, shop owners, etc… so I wanted to share that too”. Cherie sees #RealMatters as a way to capture the moment and show where we stand in the process of becoming a more sustainable industry, but also as a platform, where like minded people can find good starting points for getting into sustainable fashion. 



After quitting my job as Creative Director of a ‚regular‘ fashion company to pursue a more ethical way of working, I sought for a way to promote sustainable fashion. With #RealMatterz my focus is on generating curiosity and admiration for those making a difference. By visiting numerous sustainability events, getting to know these sustainable entrepreneurs and learning about what they are doing, their relevance has become of increasing matter to me. This is also how I came up with the name #RealMatterz: What you do really matters! By sharing the stories I want to make ethical business practice more accessible for those who may want to go sustainable but don’t know how. It all starts by informing yourself and reaching out to like minded people. At the moment politics are on everbodys mind, and many of us feel powerless, I think it is important to remind people that each and every one of us CAN make a difference, if that is by using #whomademyclothes or just not making unnecessary purchases, these things have an effect on others and have a politics of their own. I like the thought of looking back at this in the future, when stronger regulations about the production of clothing reach politics and seeing the happy faces, who ‚back in 2017‘ had already been paving the way for others, to go sustainable.

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