Honest by. is the name of Antwerp fashion designer Bruno Pieters’ label and online shop, well-known for its radical transparency principles. The high fashion company has been at the forefront of different fashion genres in terms of communicating pretty much all the costs of its products in detail since the launch in 2012. He only came with the idea for the concept during his sabbatical from the industry in India, where Pieters made profound experiences that affected his work philosophy heavily.

The use of organic materials is part of the new business approach as well as testing the limits of sustainability whenever suitable and possible. Honest by. takes in consideration each element of a garment to make it friendly for environment, skin, animals and workers. The team sources qualified wool and silk only and offers a selection of vegan designs, too.

The various online collections come from a few exclusive designers who agreed to the standards of Honest by. A system of colour markers makes it easy for customers to identify the sustainable aspects of each piece of clothing listed in the shop.

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The honesty of the involved designers is truly unique and very unusual in worldwide industry operations. It is rather common sense to try hard to keep the details of the personal production suppliers secret. This closed-minded attitude does not really help, but makes it harder for everyone to go through an extensive research and a complex learning-by-doing process to finally arrive at a professional level. It neither helps the rivalling atmosphere. Instead one has to stretch out to others, discuss, find solutions, search for new ways – just like the former creative director of Belgian brand Delvaux and HUGO by Hugo Boss does actively.

The people behind the Honest by. team are not only pioneers because of stripping naked, but also because of their aesthetical decisions. Bruno Pieters especially is a trendsetter – coming up with new, almost geometrical proportions, yet never over-doing it. His designs are wearable and individual at the same time with a modern minimalistic twist. They have these special innovative well-cut details and unisex fittings. They are based on a visionary philosophy – pure avantgarde – aware shopping – conscious consumption – grade A.

Only one thing could still be pointed out: The industry also depends on interns – ambitious students as well as graduates that work for free or for little money. They are not listed in the design studio ‘costs’, or let’s call it reduction of costs, but should be always beared in mind. So far, so great.

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IMAGE SOURCE AND PRESS RELEASE: Honest by / www.honestby.com