Whitetail is a minimalistic and ethical luxury brand. The designer and founder Margit Peura wishes to create more than just another dress. Ethical production, ecological materials and bearing social responsibility are the core values behind the brand. Reduced design, intriguing details and high quality meet in the design language of Whitetail.

In addition to organic materials, Peruvian alpaca wool is a central element in Whitetail’s knitwear. For that reason, also Whitetail’s social responsibility project is carried out in Peru.



The design is indeed minimalistic and sensitive. I can imagine one would want to wear those well made clothes for years to come. And here comes in the other part of ethical fashion, which is often forgotten. It is one thing to produce sustainably and fair, but a whole other thing to create clothing, which wants to be worn everyday for a long time, because it makes you feel comfortable, strong and safe.  Whitetail is a step in closing this gap between aesthetic clothing and ethical and sustainable production.

Looking at the well designed website, you can tell, that the label just started. The shop is limited and you can’t see a lot of pictures of the collections yet. However, if the label carries on like it started, we will be able to see a whole wonderful collection in a few months time.


The only little thing, that I would wish for, is some more information and transparency concerning how the fabrics are made and certified and where and how the production is done. Just because I think by talking about sustainability, you need to give the costumer this detailed information, so he or she can arrive to  a conscious buying decision. And reading the story of Whitetail, I am sure that there is a lot more to tell and to reveal to the costumers.

zusammenstellung whittailhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mD-ZdOwEN8s&feature=youtu.be

Check out / Image source: http://whitetail.luxury/