The relatively new and young label JAN ‘N JUNE is based in Hamburg and led by two German ladies that are called Anna and Jula. In their own personal need of sustainable clothing which is not ‘green’ in colour but mostly black, they decided to design modern minimalistic bottoms, tops and dresses simply themselves. After studying fashion and design management at the AMD in Hamburg, they continued to work together in finding solutions for affordable streetwear with a less conventional style.

jan n june outfit2


Amongst all the other ecological brands we happened to see at the Berlin Ethical Fashion Show and Green Showroom in July 2015, JAN ‘N JUNE is indeed outstanding – especially regarding their purism and the prices. A T-shirt for 30 Euros and hardly any pieces over 100 Euros make us wonder immediately, how it is possible to keep the offers so low. It seems to be a smart business concept: combining clean cuts with standard organic fabrics in your own online shop = trendy eco fashion bargains. Even though it is impossible to make any big volume of sales as a clothing start-up company like that, Anna and Jula believe in making it up in the future with better margins for themselves and better deals with fabric suppliers. I hope they will be proved right; at least I don’t doubt they would find interested customers according to their strategy and the great quality of products. A big plus marks their attempts to be a bit more transparent than the usual about their manufacturing base in Poland and their suppliers, that source textiles f.e. from Turkey.

jan n june set

jan n june grey top


I am not sure whether the appreciation for clothes in general and their related buying behaviours could change for the better, if labels try to adapt to the commercial market structures and exchange only the fabrics for certification. In the end you have to make a compromise that could be again a problem of waste or of unfair salaries for employees. Using black dyed fibres also cannot be super ecological – not naturally processed, yet it stands for consuming only the basics of modern lifestyle – what you really need, no surplus, no trash. JAN ‘N JUNE are on a good path.


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Image Source: http://jannjune.com/ © Johanna Güttner