ReThink Festival Berlin 2016

ReThink Festival Berlin 2016

Summer in Berlin combined with collective fashion and food activism, sharing & caring, is the best outdoor activity we could imagine. The ReThinker and head of the ReFashionReFood team, Runa Juhanisdotter, gives impressive insights into this July’s festival happenings – which allure us to hope to make it there next year.



ReFashionReFood, based in Berlin-Germany and Borås-Sweden, is an emerging platform rethinking fashion and food. We organize various events to bring people and organizations together to empower ourselves, exchange knowledge and create sustainable change.

ReFashionReFood stands for a true fashion and food culture, that doesn’t exchaust our resourses, nor poison and exploit people and nature. The aim is to spread awarenesss and find alternative, small scale solutions that will slow down, detox and close the loop and redistribute resources.

On July 23 the 2nd edition of the ReThink Festival, one of our key events organized in collaboration with Prinzessinnengärten-Kreuzberg, took place. It was a busy, happy, chill day full of DIY workshops, skill sharing, talks, networking, upcycling, waste cooking, film and fun.

ReThink Festival - StrohgoldUpcycling Workshop with Strohgold
Showing how to make a cool shopping bag from an old t-shirt. Sarah Schwezig from Strohgold, in cool collaboration with Greenpeace Berlin, also offered the chance to sew on a sweet label saying ”Keep me I’m precious” to your favorite garment. #fashionrevolution

ReThink Festival - DyclePanty Painting Workhop for small children with DYCLE
Seeking creative designs and ideas for the outer pants of their biodegradable diapers. There was also an OPEN CALL to sustainable designers who are interested in working with DYCLE to make and develop designs.

ReThink Festival - Trial and ErrorFestival Garment Challenge Workshop with Kulturlabor Trial&Error
Reclaiming unwanted clothing items and fabrics to experiment with and create a fabulous, colourful new festival creation.

ReThink Festival - Upcycling Hannah Schorch Onik Hertzberg StudioBag to Bag – upcycling workshop with Hannah Schorch/ONIK Collective and Hertzberg Studio
Showing how to keep used plastic bags in the loop and turn them into beautiful refashion statements!

ReThink Festival - Natural Dyeing WorkshopNatural Dyeing Workshop with slow creations
Turning waste and weeds into textile treasures!

ReThink Festival Anastasia StarostenkoReThink Festival - Asli HatipogluSpin, Unravel, Print and Dye Workshop with Anastasia Starostenko and Asli Hatipoglu
Showing how to card wool and spin it into a yarn by using a self-made spindle or a spinning wheel, and how to unravel knitwear and recycle the clothes by turning them into yarn that can be reused again… AND also offering an opportunity to explore textile dyeing with kitchen waste and experiment with natural beetroot printing ink.

ReThink Festival - Sock Upcycling WorkshopReThink Festival - Bunny MissionReThink Festival - Sock BunniesSock Upcycling Workshop with Bunny Mission
Making sock bunnies and learning how even our old, worn-out socks can have a global impact!

ReThink Festival - Clean Clothes CampaignClean Clothes Campaign Berlin Action Group gathered for an informal Meet Up at the ReThink Festival, spreading awarness abut the dark sides of fast fashion and informing about their global work to defend expoited textile workers rights in the fashion industry.

ReThink Festival - ReFashion ReFood/



Runa Juhanisdotter operates Bybaba, a sub-couture laboratory for investigating design and home of an experimental fiber circus for upcycled refashion and fashion activism. She is active in Greenpeace, ABCCC [Aktionsgruppe Berlin Clean Clothes Campaign] OSCE Days and the Transition Network Borås. Runa has a background on the inter-national art scene as a gallerist and performance artist and is trained in Textile Design, Method Acting, Political Science and International Marketing/ Financing. She is based in Berlin, Germany and Borås, Sweden.