NEEMIC, founded in 2011 by Amihan Zemp and Hans Martin Galliker, creates understatedly elegant and sophisticated sustainable women’s wear. While their Online-Shop is still open, we eagerly wait for new looks.

The label is located in Beijing, where both design and production take place, making sure all stakeholder’s are equally working under fair conditions.

NEEMIC is a designer brand … with three visions at heart: Creating beautiful design, making the industry more sustainable and providing a platform for artistic exchange.

lookbook neemic asian sustainable fashion chinaaethic_neemic-cocoon_annie-organic-silk-top-anthracite_1049 aethic_neemic-cocoon_hazel-coat_1249The minimalistic designs make the garments „aesthetically sustainable“ – they appeal to contemporary taste without being too rooted in fleeting trends. The high-quality textiles are sourced from textile industry’s surplus or manufactured according to organic and socal standards (namely GOTS). Some are created by local artisans, also using organic fibres for traditional weaving techniques, preserving rural communities while promoting and updating traditional crafts.

NEEMIC design is quiet and understated, yet expressive and deliberate. Clean and simple cuts underline the beauty and texture of precious natural materials. Often oversized and casual, the pieces generate a feeling of unpretentiousness and inner comfort. Great care is given to details and quality finishing.

aethic_neemic_fw14_afternoon-2 aethic_neemic_fw14_afternoon-1Not only the collections, but also the label’s network is worth mentioning: NEEMIC co-founded the „Hong Kong organic textile association“, and Hans Martin Galliker founded „Agrachina“ to promote organic agriculture in China.


I have been a fan of NEEMIC’s collections almost since 2011, and still am. I love the brand’s wholesome approach to sustainability and their minimalistic, quiet yet distinct aesthetic still catches my eye.

While they definitely are on the upper end of the price range, I admire their choice of exquisite high-end textiles. Those materials and the quality finishing makes me imagine the garments turning into heirlooms, being worn with love and care and then one day passed on to a loved one.


Image source and quotes: NEEMIC