What is Kerbholz?

A German brand for valuable, minimalist accessories made from environmentally friendly materials. A brand, which has arrived and is here to stay.

In our case a great idea grew into a business, a product grew into a collection and four friends became a large team. A team, that has set itself the goal of being there for its customers. A team, that adopts a conscious approach within and towards the resources on the planet and lives a new way of working and running a business.

A team, that is committed to better products, better service – and a better future.

Four friends and the founders of Kerbholz: Matthias, Moritz, Adrian & Nils

What are your strategies to achieve an ethical product?

Starting in 2017, we have committed ourselves to donating part of our profit to the “Designing to Sustain” organisation, which provides money to various projects in a completely transparent way.

The organisation aims to spend 10% of KERBHOLZ’ profit on specific projects which are engaged in creating more sustainable production chains.

Whether that is recycling of old plastics, reforestation of tree stocks or research into new, more sustainable materials, that minimise the consumption of energy or water: We support it. Measurable, transparent and sustainable.

Because more sustainable products are better products.

What is the goal of your designs?

KERBHOLZ has set itself the goal of creating environmentally friendly everyday design products for modern people. Modern – not voguish.

A new German design in the spirit of the Bau- haus school. The products focus on the material with its colour, texture, look, feel and value through their unpretentious design language. By using particular materials every KERBHOLZ product is unique with no two products alike.

Furthermore, for us good design means that already in the design phase thought has been given to the conservation of resources. Good design makes durable products and minimises the impact on the environment during production and waste disposal.

In the past few years we have been recognised and awarded several times for this approach. That pleases us but it is not the only reason why we create products. We design products for the people who are wearing them. People who are natural, modern, individual and special. And so their accessories should be, too.

DSC4577 Kopie
Reas favourite: Berthold!

Thanks to Kerbholz!
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