Der Klimawandel ist ernst. Climate Change is serious.

Der Klimawandel ist ernst. Climate Change is serious.
Umweltaktivist, Gründungsmitglied von Greenpeace und Gründer der Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Paul Watson formuliert es mit seinen „Solutions to Climate Change That People Do Not Want to Hear. Maintaining the Life Support Systems For The Earth“ drastisch-realistisch, um dem ernst zu nehmenden Klimawandel im Hier und Jetzt mit der nötigen Aufmerksamkeit und Verantwortung zu begegnen. Denn würden wir alle das Problem länger hinnehmen, ohne unser Leben zu verändern, läuft auch die Menschheit Gefahr auszusterben. Und das sollte doch Jedem zu Denken geben, selbst denjenigen, denen die Umwelt sonst weniger am Herzen liegt als unsere eigene Spezies.
Auszüge /// Extracts of Paul Waton’s drastically-realistic call for necessary yet unpopular solutions to the world’s damaged eco-systems:
The Situation: Climate Change is Global.
Addressing Climate Change is Unpopular.
Dealing with Climate Change is Expensive, People Do Not Want to Change.
The Powerful are Too Comfortable.
The Poor Are Too Powerless.
The Rich Want to Stay Rich.
The Poor Want to Become Rich.
World Leaders Lack the Courage. Imagination and Vision.
The Ultimate Solution is You and I All of Us Together.
IT’s what we eat, how we live, how we travel, what we believe, what we support.
Our Imaginations, Our Courage Our Passion. Our Future.(…)

Imagine a world without worms, Without Phytoplankton. Without Zooplankton.; Without Hoenybees, Without Bacteria, Without Wales, Without Grass, Without Trees,
Without Fish.
Imagine a world without Humanity.
Because Without the Others, Humanity Cannot Exist.
We need The Others, They Do Not Need Us.


The solutions described may seem unrealistic, unacceptable, irrational, detestable, crazy and off-the-wall, ridiculous and impossible. But unless humanity is prepared to implement radical solutions to address the reality of ecological diminishment and collapse, our societies will never make it to 2100.
The Primary rule of Evolution is: ADAPT OR DIE!
The first thing we need to do is to understand the three basic laws of ecology. All species must adhere to these three laws to survive on the planet. Failure to do so will lead to extinction. Diversity. Interdependence. Finite Resources.

We must replenish biodiversity in the Ocean.
We Need to Shut Down All Industrialized Fishing Operations.
To replenish the Ocean we need to stop Taking from it.
Restore the Populations Of Whales, Seals & Sea Birds.

We Need To Stop Blaming Everything But Ourselves.
Population Solutions Are Imperative.
The Question of Exponential Growth is the most important issue of all. The Root Cause of Climate Change, Pollution, Species Depletion, Resource Depletion, Poverty and War.

Produce Locally. Eat Locally. Curb the Excesses of Consumerism.
Stop Manufacturing Useless Items of Plastic (…)
A Plant Based Global Diet (…)
Transportation Solutions. Less Global Transport of Resources. More Transport by Sailing Ships. Elimination of Individual Transport Vehicles. Greater Reliance on Bicycles. More Public Transport Using Alternative Energy. Non-Fossil Fuel Energy Productions. (…)
Abolish the Military (…)


The Insanity Of Modern Humanity. We have to end the insanity in a world where religion breeds violence, universities breed ignorance, where doctors undermine our health, where the media manipulates the truth, the banks impoverish the world, politicians lack the courage to elad and lawmakers discredit justice with convenient laws.
We need a world where universities explore and provide knowledge, where doctors seek to heal, not profit, where banks contribute to a better world, where lawyers and politicians stand for justice. We need courageous leaders who are not afraid to speak the truth. (…)
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