Social pressures in cotton cultivation

Social pressures in cotton cultivation

Cotton is one of the most treasured resources in the world. The partly dramatic impacts of their conventional cultivation for the global markets strain humans as well as environment heavily, without consumers of cotton products getting to know about it.

Forced labour in Uzbekistan

A recently published animated video of the international Anti-Slavery organization explains briefly and understandingly how people in Uzbekistan are about to be sent to fields and forced to pick cotton this year again under the pressure of their government.

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Child labour in West Africa

Before that, Vanina Kanban already demonstrated with her documentary ‘Cottoning On – Child Labour in the Cotton Industry’ from 2011 how children in the African states of Mali, Burkin Faso and the Ivory Coast, that make up an unholy Trinity of cotton production, were harvesting cotton instead of learning at school – despite the widespread prohibition of child labour. At the bottom of this is a multi-billion industry, that does not shrink back from illegal trades and defraud. Presented on 3sat TV, 2013.

aethic_child labour in the african cotton industry

Monsanto in India

How far the monopoly position of producers of overpriced, genetically modified cotton seeds like Monsanto has driven Indian cotton farmers already, Micha X. Peled aims to teach us with his film from 2013. ‘Bitter Seeds’ explores the controversial relation between supplying the demand for food for the world’s growing population through ‘the wonder of genetic engineering’ and its fatal consequences for indebted small-scall farmers.