aethic_rea und uta_about-3AETHIC is a non-profit online platform and magazine, that deals with fashion in the context of aesthetics, ethics and innovation.

The initiators REA alias Natascha von Hirschhausen und UTA alias Stefanie Barz aim to discuss the potentials for a more ecological fashion industry; as only sustainable design and production in accordance with an aesthetically sophisticated solution become the essence of ‘good’ fashion design.

Educated as fashion designers themselves at the school of art Berlin-Weißensee, the founders of AETHIC see all the demands of their profession within an economical system that breaks clothing down to fast trends and that offers products endlessly in opposition to a respectful exposure to our environment. During the sustainability project ‘Local International’ of the Goethe-Institute, in cooperation with the Berlin university of arts (UDK) and Weißensee (KHB), the idea to the journal was born.

Fashion reflects our society and can be fun, beautiful, yet fair and ecologically consumed in a limited way instead of being mass-produced.
With the critical approach of AETHIC, fashion can evolve to a philosophy.



The Team

The illustrations are the work of freelance illustrator Lisa Frühbeis and Maria Koch. With the beginning of 2016, the new authors IDA, ELF & AVA decided to take part in the creation of content on AETHIC. This is who we are:


REA / Natascha von Hirschhausen graduated with a MA in fashion design at the school of art Berlin-Weißensee, where she is now in the master class. She founded her ethical label under the same name in spring 2016 and is engaged in several projects to be able to shape the future actively.

UTA / Stefanie Barz is a freelance fashion and costume designer. Since her diploma and master class degree from the school of art Berlin-Weißensee, she moves in the field of experimentation between theatre, music & performance and develops concepts for design sustainability.

aethic_MARIA KOCH_2cm

Maria likes “to pick up serious topics with a sense of humor and thereby capture the readers interest.” She finished her fashion design studies with a diploma title at the school of art Berlin-Weißensee.

Lisa Frühbeis, in her own words, is happy to make life a little more interesting by creating her graphics. In 2014, she received her MA at the university Augsburg with stops in France (Ecole Estienne Paris) and Italy (ISIA Urbino).

From ELF – short for the name of fashion designer Elke Fiebig -, who creates ethical and subtle clothing under the label Still Garments in Berlin, we will learn a lot about Zero Waste, handcrafts and natural dyeing.

Alisa Hager, alias AVA, shares her theoretical thoughts and practical experiences – from the perspective of a fashion design student, who mostly deals with the aesthetics and sensuousness of fashion.


Cornelia Bölke writes from time to time under the pseudonym IDA about everything concerning sustainable fashion and fashion industry news, that she inuitively regards as interesting and important due to being a fashion student.


With the monthly TEAM-UP meetings UTA and REA invite all like-minded and interested people to an exchange of thoughts, also to involve more authors and other talents into the development of the online magazine. For dates and topics send your email to info@aethic.de.