Applications for Showcase

In order to present your label or free project in our showcase, please answer and summarize the following questions.
The more you open yourself, the better for the awareness and understanding of all aspects of sustainable fashion and the complexity of the fashion industry in general. Thanks in advance!


1. In one sentence – What defines the identity of your brand? / What is your project about?

2. What motivation stands at the bottom of your work?

3. In which way do you work in terms of ethics respectively sustainable, fair and/or ecological matters?

4. Which compromises do you have to make concerning the commercial production of sustainable fashion / Which difficulties would you have to face if you transferred the idea to a bigger scale?

5. How do you combine your concept of sustainability with aesthetical demands? / Where do you still see weak points regarding sustainability and/or aesthetics?

6. How do you believe could future technologies as well as social and ecological change – influence the sustainability of fashion / – expand your project idea or even make it superfluous?

7. What is your biggest success so far?

8. How will you move on and/or continue your work/project?


Please send your application and some pictures representing your work to considering the following requirements:

The images should not extend the size of 500KB each. Please complete or reduce your pre-prepared press text to a maximum of 500 words in regard to our questions above. Specify if you want to be presented in the category (study) project, as a label or pioneer. We advise you to translate your text into German in addition to the English version. We can not garantuee capacity for that.

We will consider your submission and publish the article as soon as possible. Thank you.