Info Platforms

We present here important sources of knowledge from other websites and info platforms, which are especially relevant for us and that enable you to research deeper details on all topics related to fashion and sustainability.



Oldest blog for local events and background information about green fashion – ‘Grüne Mode’ – as well as green shopping lists by German Greenpeace activist Kirsten Brodde and her team – unfortunately not up-to-date anymore, but still online: bzw. (GER)

Ethical Fashion Forum – Global platform for sustainable fashion with a focus on networking events and database, especially for fashion business professionals / the fashion & textiles industry, lately known under Common Objective: bzw. (ENG)

Ecouterre – Online news & guide to trends in sustainable fashion: (ENG)

Content regarding the Slow Fashion movement: bzw. (ENG)



‘Detox’ campaign of Greenpeace International for a toxic-free fashion production + more info: (ENG)

Toxic-free clothing shopping advices and more detailed info by Greenpeace Germany: ‘Textillabel unter der Detox-Lupe – Einkaufsratgeber für giftfreie Kleidung’ (GER)

Statistics about how much water is used in the production of our clothes, published by the German Federal Statistical Office, 2013: ‘T-Shirts, Jeans und Blusen: So viel Wasser steckt in unserer Kleidung’: (GER)

Non-profit initiative China Water Risk highlights fundamental water risks concerning the extreme pollution and waste of water in China: (ENG)



Fair Fashion Squad – network of the 14 most popular green fashion bloggers: Fashion Fika, at/least, 
Daria Daria, 
Kunstkinder Mag, 
Justine kept calm and went vegan, 
, subvoyage
, Nice to have Mag, 
Jäckle & Hösle, 
Mari Dalor
, Noveaux Mag (GER)

Fashion consumption thought over – quality instead of quantity – in the German Greenpeace booklet: ‘Es reicht’ (engl. ‘It’s enough’): (GER)

Detailed research and evaluation results on textile certification by BSD Consulting and GET CHANGED! The Fair Fashion Network in cooperation with the Austrian Chamber of Labour bzw. (GER)

Information pool of the German consumer initiative Verbraucher Initiative e.V. for sustainable shopping advices: or (GER)

Smart & Ethical Shopping infographic by the Swiss Berne Declaration’ / Verein der Erklärung von Bern (EvB): (GER)



— for businesses:

The Ten Design Strategies for designers to reduce their impact on the environment, developed by TED (Textiles Environment Design) + more info: (ENG)

Brand Tools and Benchmark Consultancy Packages developed by MADE-BY + more info: (ENG, GER)

Swiss ‘Sustainability Compass’ for support in building a sustainable supply chain or integrating sustainability criteria for business or public procurement: (GER, ENG, FR)

— for consumers and interests:

‘Clean Clothing Campaign’ (CCC) + more info for fair working conditions in the textile industry: (ENG)

Campaign of the ‘Christian Initiative Romero’ (CIR) and education material with focus on labour and human rights in the fashion industry in Central America: (GER)

‘Wear Fair – Wegweiser durch den Label-Dschungel’ – the guide to textile labels by CIR  (GER)

Info material on textile labels by the German Femnet e.V. initiative, which fights for women’s rights: flyer ‘Augen auf beim Kleiderkauf’: + very informative booklet ‘Fair Fair Fair’ for Bonn: (GER)

Human rights and responsible economic activities in international trade + fashion companies check ‘Mode-Firmencheck’ by the Swiss Berne Declaration’ / Verein der Erklärung von Bern (EvB): or (GER)

NGO/MSI Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) provides info and shopping list of cooperating brands to help the improvement of labour conditions for garment workers: and (ENG)



INKOTA-netzwerk e.V. – activist engagement through campaign work for more justice, especially for fair working conditions in developing countries, f.e. in the shoe industry: (GER)

Future Fashion Forward e.V. – Berlin expertise association and education platform for the promotion of projects & actions concerning sustainability and social justice in the textile and fashion industry: (GER)

Fashion Revolution – global online campagin on Fashion Revolution Day, the Rana Plaza memorial day, for everyone to take part and pressure the fashion industry with the hashtag question #whomademyclothes towards more transparency and fairness: (ENG) bzw. (GER)

Fashion Changers – proactive network to be joined, initiated by the bloggers Vreni Jäckle von Jäckle und Hösle, Nina Lorenzen von Pink & Green und Jana Braumüller von Not Another Woman Mag: (GER)

Textilstammtisch Berlin – monthly meet-ups, talks, workshops with and for fashion makers & service providers to exchange information and experience, in cooperation with Sourcebook, The CRCLR House & future fashion forward e.V.: bzw. (GER)



“The EcoChic Design Award is the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition challenging emerging fashion designers to create mainstream clothing with minimal textile waste.” + offers a lot of info material concerning design strategies: (ENG)

Ethical Fashion Show Berlin & Green Showroom – Berlin-based fairs for sustainable fashion: (High-Fashion) and (Street- und Casualwear) (GER, ENG)